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How Russian Teachers Work with Children
and Achieve Great Results

A Close Look at Artobolevskaya’s Lessons

This one hour video presentation will explore the first year of teaching step by step and give tangible skills for teachers to employ with their students. Focusing on the beginner’s level, this short course will explain the technique and core philosophy of the Russian School of Piano.

Emphasis is placed on the crème de la crème of Russian piano books, Anna Artobolevskaya’s First Meet with the Music. The course will also:

  • Introduce some beginner’s piano books on the Russian School of Piano that are available in English
  • Give you a clear idea of the first year curriculum
  • Provide some very useful tips on how to incorporate Russian Piano Pedagogy music sheets into your studio

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Another way to enhance and accelerate your instructional capability is to invest in fine books. Here are books we recommend that have helped many instructors begin to learn and incorporate the Russian Method in to their teaching.



A Thousand Stories for a Little Pianist

A Thousand Stories for a Little Pianist allows young pianists to be creative and take part in the learning process. Stories, games, and colors are part of a child’s daily life; this book uses them to bring music into the child’s world, rather than bringing the child into the music lesson. The origins of this method are in the treasures of the Russian school of piano and are specifically based on the teaching approach of Anna Artobolevskaya and Heinrich Neuhaus.

The book includes a full description of the teaching philosophy, 71 pieces of music suggested for beginning piano students and some dazzling full-page color illustrations.

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My First Piano Book

Learning The Musical Alphabet Through Stories
Written and Illustrated by Katrin Arefy

My First Piano Book Volume 1 My First Piano Book Volume 2 My First Piano Book Volume 3
My First Piano Book
Volume 1
My First Piano Book
Volume 2
My First Piano Book
Volume 3

My First Piano Book is a series of interactive teaching tools designed to be used in group music classes for children 3 to 5 years of age. This foundation course engages and prepares young students for further private piano lessons providing the necessary education for young students before sitting down at the piano.

The attractive stories in this book foster students’ imaginations and readily stick in their minds. This easy and fun process gives young students a strong foundation to be used throughout their education in music.

Using these books children will learn:

  • The musical alphabet
  • The note values
  • The musical staff
  • The basics of the keyboard
  • The dynamics

This book can be also used as a self study tool for learning the musical alphabet at home with help of a parent.

About teaching this book in a group class
Each class is half an hour long and includes sing-along children songs, listening and repeating tonal and rhythm patterns, listening to the teacher play a few age appropriate songs on the piano (see A Thousand Stories for a Little Pianist), playing matching games on the white board, playing along with musical instruments such as egg shakers and cymbals and, of course, story time.

The stories in My First Piano Book are used in story time to teach one symbol or musical alphabet in each class. Reviewing the symbols over and over in class will help the students remember them forever.

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About the Instructor:

Katrin Arefy is the artistic director and the head teacher at the Golden Key Piano School in Berkeley, California. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the Gnessin School of Music in Moscow. Katrin also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Painting from Azad University in Tehran.

Katrin is the author of A Thousand Stories for A Little Pianist and the series My First Piano Book. She translated Anna Artobolevskaya’s First Meet with the Music and Heinrich Neuhaus’ The Art of Piano Playing from Russian to Farsi. She has lectured on the Russian method and specifically Artobolevskya’s method at various universities and conferences in the US and overseas, including recently at the University of Oregon, Ohio University School of Music, and the Music Teachers of California annual convention.

For the last twelve years she has been training teachers in the Russian method and teaching piano students of all ages. For five consecutive years, the school has been the winner of The Best of Berkeley in Music Lessons award from the US Local Business Association.

Katrin is a member of the Music Teachers Association of California. Her very first students went on to graduate from some of the finest music universities in Austria and Armenia and are now professional pianists.